What is entrepreneurship and what are its characteristics?

Skills necessary to develop entrepreneurship

Learn about the predominant characteristics of successful entrepreneurship and find out if you really have the profile of the entrepreneur.

According to the dictionary, to undertake means: to resolve to practice something laborious and difficult; place in the development and/or execution; perform.

This means that entering this universe is to take on challenges and explore the skills necessary to develop entrepreneurship, such as determination or a vision that goes beyond what is expected.

Because it is not the most common professional path, many people who are beginning to undertake to see the trajectories of the greatest entrepreneurs in the world and think that it is something unattainable.

Now, we are going to present you the 8 predominant characteristics in the profile of the entrepreneur so that you can meditate on them, and see if they are already strong in you or if you are interested in developing them further.

Passion for What is Done

Characteristics of successful entrepreneurship

Passion is what maintains determination and enthusiasm. Doing things with enthusiasm provides quality of life and satisfaction, not only professionally but also personally.

An entrepreneur is always studying and deepening his knowledge in his segment of activity, perfecting himself more and more.

When someone loves what they do, it is easier for them to dedicate themselves to it.

You may even infect other people with the good energy you put into your work.

Whether they are customers, employees, or partners, everyone feels more motivated when they are with someone they enjoy working with.

For this reason, as the first character of the entrepreneur’s profile, we choose passion for what is done.

An entrepreneur who stands out thanks to her passion is Ángela María Tafur Dominguez, a Colombian lawyer who founded Give To Colombia, an NGO that mobilizes resources, technologies, and talents to help the most vulnerable population in Colombia.


Ethics is a set of values ​​and principles that guide relationships between people.

Having good behavior, mainly in the work environment, shows that the entrepreneur prioritizes responsibility.

It involves acquiring the respect and credibility of everyone around you without running over anyone or being opportunistic.

Professional ethics create a work environment with people concerned with honesty and transparency, which brings more satisfaction and productivity to the organization.

True successful entrepreneurs are those who achieve not only financial success but also conduct their work and business with ethical and moral values, positively impacting the lives of other people around them.


Many people see the figure of the entrepreneur as someone enlightened, someone lucky. But the truth is that if you study the life story of any successful entrepreneur you will see that he had to thoroughly cultivate this quality.

Resilience is a person’s ability to sustain or recover from difficulties or sudden changes.

In the field of work, resilience also has to do with professionalism and the ability to innovate even in the face of adverse scenarios.

It is thanks to her that entrepreneurs manage to evaluate all conditions, be flexible in difficult times and even be able to find new paths to come out stronger after overcoming each obstacle.


Success doesn’t come to anyone who stands around waiting for something to happen.

Having an entrepreneurial profile implies having initiative and planning capacity.

It is much better to take action and anticipate the solution to needs than to wait for them to arise and then decide. Using proactivity in your favor consists of this.

It is a habit that you can develop and that you must seriously cultivate if you want to be successful in your business.

Because proactive people are always attentive and ready, they achieve results sooner than others who can’t program themselves or act without someone telling them to.

In addition, proactive people know what is expected of them and try to do more, always seeking to improve their knowledge and skills.


Creativity is nothing more and nothing less than a person’s ability to create.

The big names in entrepreneurship didn’t get where they are by following common attitudes, like the ones everyone has.

An example of this is the Mexican entrepreneur Lorena Vázquez, whose passion for shoes, not just any kind, but for creative, original, and comfortable shoes, turned her into an example of success.

Lorena and her brother Eduardo created Loly in the Sky, a successful venture not only in Mexico, but also in the US, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Japan, and Central America.


This is one of the most outstanding characteristics of the entrepreneur’s profile, however, the aspect of leadership cannot be limited to the figure of the boss.

A good professional who intends to have his own business understands that leadership is the ability to inspire and motivate actions in a group of people.

It is also possible to improve one’s position as a leader by giving importance to the cultivation of openness to new ideas, thirst for knowledge, and emotional balance.

In addition to valuing the opinion and will of the group whenever possible, considering that everyone is important to trace and achieve the desired objectives.

Taking on projects is also something that demands a lot of responsibility and is highly valued by great leaders.


Patience is an important ally in the profile of a successful entrepreneur.

Being eager for results is totally normal, after all, everyone wants their business to prosper fast.

But a good dose of patience is what often guarantees the future brilliance of the company.

Maintaining serenity and balance even in the most difficult situations is key to preserving the continuity of your business.

This way you will avoid taking hasty attitudes and you will be able to understand the whole process as a learning process, in addition to understanding and using your time better, making it work for you and not against you.


Many people confuse ambition with greed, but they do not mean the same thing.

While greed is the exaggerated desire to have it all selfishly, ambition can be a healthy and necessary motivation to achieve what you want.

Being a person with ambitions means that you have goals and purposes.

Someone with the profile of a successful entrepreneur uses his ambition as a stimulus.

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What is entrepreneurship and what are its characteristics?

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