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We want to make sure that Syria has the right structure to ensure the freedom for the people in Syria.

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If you can help the people who have lost their lives or are injured in the recent wars. Join our mission and help us rebuild a safer Syria.


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    We strive to maximize the impact of assistance to help Syrian people lead a safer life.

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    The local council of Syria allows to take decisions to help ensure the safety of civilians.

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    In this civil war many people were injured but we are working towards getting them back to their health.

    Coalition Legal Office

    We can help provide legal aid to help ensure that the legal rights of the civilians are maintained.

    Coalition Press Office

    We try to provide the right news and information of what is happening around the land to ensure that information provided is reliable

    National Peace Council

    We aim to raise awareness about the non-violent strategies and how we can use peaceful ways to protest against them.

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    We need support to help stand back on our feet, and a helping hand will help us grow.


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    Terror is an enemy to the world help us fight back with the everything we have.

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    7 ways to start a career in politics

    start a career in politics

    If you’ve graduated from college and are reviewing job prospects, it’s important to determine what area you want to lean toward. In the case of those interested in starting their political career, it is important to identify how to achieve it. It is a competitive field where your peers will also want to obtain that coveted position you have insight into.

    Faced with these types of opportunities, it is best to attend to certain specific aspects, such as participating in community projects, seeking relevant work experience, and adapting it to your requests, which could guarantee that you are ahead of the rest of the competition. Hence these seven ways to start a career in politics are presented.

    For your first job in politics, it is important to persevere

    The key thing to start is identifying all possible job vacancies and internships to start the application process. Make sure you have something concrete to demonstrate your interest in politics and justify the start of your career in this area.

    For example, volunteering with your local government or some charity organization, which always needs help, is the kind of experience that is valued positively. Usually, many resumes come in from people who want to work in politics but have nothing in their CVs to show that they are qualified for the job.

    Remember that your interviewer may have different political opinions than yours

    Unless you are being interviewed for a role with a particular party, you should always keep this in mind. There is the possibility that the opinions you express before a ministerial office or state organization are contrary to the party of the person interviewing you, which will make you not leave a good impression. When discussing politics in these types of interviews, try to think more like a journalist for some medium, offering a fair assessment rather than a partisan attack.

    Make sure you are not applying for anything

    Adapt your applications to what is verifiable in your curriculum summary. Apply to jobs with parliamentarians or government officials whose interests are closely aligned with yours and where you can show that you will add value. If what you want is to stand out, the more experience (internships or formal jobs) you can demonstrate in the area to which you are applying, the better since it will make you look like an ideal prospect.

    Supplementary education vs. work experience

    For jobs in politics, getting another degree won’t give you an advantage unless you want to be an academic. To find the relevant work experience, think about where you want to end up professionally and do some research on working in that field. Once this is done, get in touch with that group of people to request information and start your foray into the world of work.

    Less emphasis on resume and more on recommendation letters

    Try to customize your resume for the job title you are applying for and tell them why you want to work for them. Personalize with a cover letter showing interest in the position you are seeking, and consider including letters of recommendation from people you have worked with, be it in your internships, non-governmental organizations, etc.

    If a recruiter reads a generic CV that doesn’t say anything in particular about the person, they might instantly reject it, so try to make it relevant to your job title.

    Remember that it takes years to develop a full-time career in politics

    This is especially true if you are thinking on a national level. Many potential candidates go through multiple elections in office without success until they have a shot at something achievable. Working for an MP and/or Assemblyman is a great way to be at the center of the political issue and if this is not something you enjoy, then working in public affairs might be your next best option.

    Get involved in as many community events as possible

    Talk to local councilors or political groups and ask if they would like your help or support on a particular local issue. This is a good way to build a local political network. Each local area has a strong core of strong community groups working for the good of their locality, and they are always a good place to start working if you really want to make a change in your community.

    You may also like: How to start a political career? Tips for Success

    How to start a political career? Tips for Success

    start a political career

    To be a politician in times when many countries have a breakdown of political parties. You have to have a lot of money, generally, they are those who can have access to finance a campaign, who undertake a job for a political future, however, there are other spaces where a person can be trained as a politician, in parties that still have a tradition or in non-governmental organizations that support possible candidates. Here we will mention how to start a political career and give some tips to be successful in this hard work.

    What is a political career?

    A political career is to begin to appear in a political space to come to power. First to be a counselor or alderman, and then to be mayor, governor, congressman, and even president. It is going through the different levels of power. However, before launching into a political position. You should evaluate what is required and what a political campaign or being in government implies,

    What are the characteristics to be a politician?

    A politician must have the personality of a leader:

    Being a leader means making decisions thinking of others, accepting mistakes, distributing resources well, among other characteristics. But why is it a characteristic, the most important, because the main function of the politician when in power is to reach a consensus that allows you to expand your level of activity, and have a broad political space for decision-making?

    Build trust:

    In other words, it must be a person who expresses transparency, not just transparency. It is not possible to be a candidate. If we do not express that we are incapable of corrupting. In addition, generating trust will help to ask for financing. To be able to ask politicians for support to reach consensus, or when campaigning in the street and approach people.

    Good communication:

    This is a characteristic that is necessary because everything that is said will be exposed to society and not only that. But it will also be judged. A politician has to communicate, if it is not a virtue with which he is born, it can be practiced, they will always ask the candidates to speak, in all events, if they do not ask us to speak it is always important that a politician wants to do so.

    How to start a political career?

    To start a political career, you must first be aware that every politician is exposed to public scrutiny, that is to say, that all actions and everything that is said will be questioned or criticized, for better or for worse by citizens. The other thing to be aware of before starting a political career is that the politician is a public figure, and his intimate life can be exposed, both on the networks and in the media.

    It is correct that we all have a constitutional right to our privacy but in the real political world. This is often infringed by our political rivals, by a sector of the press, or by an oversight on the part of the politician.

    Taking into account everything mentioned in the previous paragraph. A politician must begin to find himself, know what his objectives are and what he really wants to achieve. If these three things are clear, it is much easier to start a political career. For this, the coach, in general, is important or there are specialists who now dedicate themselves to the political coach.

    Do not refuse when consulting with a specialist about your goals. It is very important to do this, before wasting your money.

    Project your financing, if you are going to make a candidate, depending on how many votes they have to achieve to win an election, you will have to invest, doing more is gaining experience in what should not be done, you cannot skimp on the resources that will make you reach the can. Being mayor, governor or president is a serious thing. It is not a game, so do not improvise, nor skimp on implementing the strategy.

    It begins with being a candidate on a councilor’s list, where you don’t have much participation, or support a campaign, this will help you gain experience and have a better overview of what an electoral campaign is. This is not necessary that you find yourself with possibilities to leave, the only thing necessary is to participate.

    If you don’t have media experience, go practicing and do media training. When you decide to be a candidate, you may be an interview, it does not matter if it is not a large television network. It can be a digital medium and you must be prepared to face those situations.

    To conclude, all the above tips should be taken into account. Because it consists of evaluation and practice before starting a political career. The most important thing is to never stop consulting trusted people who know their experiences on the subject. It is not necessary to reveal that you will be a candidate or that you want to be, just ask.

    5 Reasons to Study Politics

    Study Politics

    Politics is like the Force from Star Wars: it’s everywhere. From the moment we wake up until the end of the day, all our actions have, in some way, something to do with politics. From using a cell phone to consuming food and needing a public service such as water or electricity, there is a decision or a political act behind all this.

    By definition, politics is conceived as the “science that deals with the issues that revolve around the government and the forms of organization of human societies.” So, for everyone, it would be necessary to know about politics. However many do not. The question that skeptics always ask is why is it important to know about politics? Here are 5 reasons to study politics.

    5 Reasons to Study Politics

     1. We live in States

    Human beings owe themselves to states and governments. We are all connected to the structure of a state. This state, composed, among other elements, by a government, takes care of everything. From managing the land, we live on to start a war with our neighbor. Everything we see around us has some relationship, direct or indirect, with the state. Therefore, citizens need to know what the state and government are doing. Understanding a state’s priorities with its citizens will make us more aware, more inclusive, and responsible. We cannot be indifferent to what happens around us. Therefore, to be interested in politics is to be interested in our immediate surroundings.

    2.  So that they do NOT decide for you

    If you spend all your time complaining about the country’s bad situation but do not get involved in the debate, you are letting them decide for you. If you don’t watch the news, if you don’t read the newspapers, if you’re not interested in what happens in politics, you’re letting the majority decision for you at some point. Politics is too important to be left to politicians. It is very necessary to know, discuss, propose, and differ. Only through your interest will you ensure that the decisions that are made are not in your absence.

    3.  Long live the homeland?

    There is a big difference between politicians and politicians. This is not an Ecuadorian phenomenon. Around the world, we are seeing how a handful of politicians ignore the voices of society, make fun of the laws, and seek their own benefit at the expense of everything that may happen in their countries. The citizen has, in these scenarios, limited possibilities of action. However, clever people are not fooled. Entire societies in countries smaller than ours have been able to curb the ambitions of politicians and successfully fight for the propagation of values ​​such as honesty and seriousness in politics. But where did they start? To interest citizens in important issues. If you want to “make a homeland”, you should start by taking an interest in what happens around politics.

    4.  To VOTE and not BOUNCE

    2021 is an electoral year in our country. Like any other before and after. What is different is that it is the first election year during a global pandemic. The decisions we make as voters will have a long-term impact. I always ask myself: what is more dangerous: a person with a weapon ready to attack or a person who votes by obligation and without knowing for whom? The problem in our country does not necessarily lie with bad politicians. What we have are bad voters, and that is what should be changed. Only if we have interested voters can we make 2021 the year zero, the year where politics begins anew. Interest in politics is the best tool to vote and not “bounce.”

    5.  Against the way

    As long as we keep pushing ourselves against each other to get home faster, we won’t progress as a society. We must be aware that the easy way is not always the right one. Politics has complex issues, brief episodes, characters that we will never be able to understand. However, if we show a certain sense of “civil value” we can change our perspective towards what is happening in the country and the world. And that courage begins with debating, learning, analyzing, and expressing our thoughts about politics. When I decided to study political science, it was not to become a politician but to explore my political being and develop a political analyst. Every time I see the “one-way” poster, I understand that it was the right decision.

    You have to unlearn what you have learned to move forward as observers of the essential world of politics.

    5 Helpful Ivy League Admission Tips

    Ivy League Admission Tips

    Getting into college is no walk in the park, and if your goal is to attend an Ivy League school, you should prepare for additional difficulties.  Not only do these prestigious institutions have higher standards for admission than other colleges and universities, but because admission spots are so coveted, there is incredible competition.

    If you have your heart set on attending an Ivy League school, there are steps you can take to make sure you are eligible and that you’re an attractive candidate.

    Here are a few helpful tips to put you on the right path.

    1. Don’t Procrastinate

    This is more than advice – it’s a motto to live by if you want to attend an Ivy League school.  While most of your classmates are sleeping in and spending their evenings and weekends goofing off, you’re going to be rising early, staying up late, and spending nearly every waking moment focused on college prep.

    This means studying for exams, engaging in extracurricular activities, completing homework, and possibly participating in charity work.  You also need to start early when it comes to taking tests, filling out applications, and writing admissions essays.  Procrastination is your enemy if you want to get into an Ivy League institution.

    1. Choose Extracurriculars Carefully

    You obviously want to show that you excel at activities associated with the field or major you are most interested in.  Science majors will likely join science clubs while music students will participate in choir, orchestra, or band, for example.

    However, you should also look for extracurricular activities that are outside your wheelhouse but that could complement your chosen major.  If you tend to be somewhat introverted, think about joining student government or the forensics team to improve your social and public speaking skills.

    Or if you’re more interested in performing arts, consider joining an academic club to improve your studies and show prospective universities that you’re capable of succeeding in more activities than those you naturally excel at.

    1. Ask for Help

    Many students are keen to do everything on their own, but you shouldn’t ignore the resources available to you.  Student mentorship, counsel or advice, and references from teachers could all make a difference when it comes to gaining admission to your school of choice.

    In other words, take the time to cultivate relationships, seek out useful resources, and accept assistance when it comes to preparing for college and filling out applications.

    1. Don’t Skimp on Scoring

    This sounds obvious – everyone knows you need an outstanding GPA and test scores to qualify for admission to an Ivy League school, and even then it might not be enough.  The fact is that all colleges and universities consider a number of factors in the admission process.

    That said, you definitely need to start with a solid foundation, including a GPA and test scores that meet or exceed standards for your schools of choice.  From there you can build on your successes by adding extracurriculars and charity work as a means of standing out from your peers and gaining the interest of admissions boards.

    1. Visit Schools

    It may not be easy to visit every college on your list, but you should take the time to visit at least your top three campuses in person.  The reason, beyond making sure you like the school you plan to attend, is that admission interviewers will often ask some iteration of the question, “Why us?”

    In other words, schools want to know why you prefer their institution and what makes you think you’d be a good fit for their academic community.  Visiting the campus ahead of time can help you to formulate a more direct and authentic answer.

    Whether you end up participating in Villanova’s online tax LLM program or you shoot for the stars with an Ivy League education, it’s important to make sure that you’re prepared for the admission process and that you have given yourself the best chance to reach your goals.

    The Role of A Personal Injury Lawyer in Settling Down a Case

    Injury may be sustained during automobile accidents, birth, at construction sites, and work-related accidents. The injuries may be major or minor involving large or small amounts of medical expenses either for the long term or short term. A personal injury lawyer is well aware of the prevailing laws related to these types of accidents, and are dedicated to serving their clients to the fullest satisfaction. Reviews posted by those who had been successful in getting the claim with the help of the personal injury lawyer have expressed the relentless effort and hard work by the lawyer.

    Right from the beginning, the personal injury lawyer will put in the best effort and deal compassionately with the victim to boost up the morale which will help in relieving the anxieties of medical expenses, while concentrating on early recovery. The personal injury lawyers will approach each case by studying the merits and demerits and take the legal course that will enable them to recover a fair amount of compensation. Testimonials have proved the competency of personal injury lawyers in dealing with personal injury cases arising out of accidents, due to negligence or intentionally caused harm to the individual.

    Dealing with insurance companies needs adequate knowledge of the laws related to personal injury and experience to counter the decisions taken by the insurance companies, to ensure that a fair and reasonable claim is being settled in favor of the victim. The personal injury lawyers are prepared enough to put the insurance companies in such a position that they are compelled to pay the compensation to the victim. In the event of a whiplash injury, where the victim may be permanently impaired and devastated by rising medical expenses, the personal injury lawyer will put up all evidence including a certificate from the doctor, and seek all damages relating to the cost of treatment.

    It is not only with car accident cases, lawyers dealing in personal injury in Houston, are well competent to handle any other cases related to any other type of personal injuries, like medical negligence and catastrophic errors. The professional approach of personal injury lawyers reflects the competency they have to deal with a case to ensure that their client gets a fair amount of compensation and in quick time. Each and every case is handled by analyzing the merits and demerits and the approach towards representing the case changes accordingly. The aggressive approach of the personal injury lawyer makes it difficult for both insurance companies and the accused to avoid paying the fair amount of compensation that the plaintiff is supposed to get.

    If any of your dear ones have met with a personal injury, and finding ways to seek legal compensation, you should immediately contact a personal injury lawyer, like Louis Calostipes to bring the life of the victim back to normal. With the services of these competent lawyers, you can be well assured to receive the fair amount of compensation from the insurance companies or from the medical authorities as the case may be. Louis Calostipes has been an extremely expert law consultant who readily provides his expert advice to anyone who is willing to take his advice.

    Most powerful politicians in the world

    powerful politicians in the world

    The combination of politics and power has always exerted an irresistible charm and has led many people to prefer a political career. The 10 most powerful politicians in the world are a visible testimony to this today. Henry Kissinger, an American politician of the 1970s, said that “power is the supreme aphrodisiac.”

    United States Presidential election, 2020, Facts

    United States Presidential

    US elections 2020: when they are, who the candidates are, what the polls say. A discussion of facts to the US presidential election on 3 November. The two candidates competing in the 2020 US elections are current President Donald Trump, a Republican, and Joe Biden, a Democrat, accompanied by Mike Pence and Kamala Harris as candidates for the vice presidency.

    10 great series about politics and power

    politics and power

    We know that when it comes to politics, the reality is increasingly more than fiction, and to delve into corruption scandals, abuse of power, or international conspiracy theories we only have to watch the news. But these 10 series offer 10 different and exciting looks at the way the great spheres of power work.

    Tourism in Syria: from beauty to destruction

    Tourism in Syria

    We have prepared this test that will allow you to test your knowledge about the Syrian War. What do you know about the causes of this conflict? How is the peace process being managed? What are the parties in conflict asking for? You answer the test ‘ How much do you know about the war in Syria? ‘and discover data that you were possibly unaware of the conflict.

    The war in Syria has caused many places of tourism in this country to be forgotten and become almost abandoned places. Before, they appeared in travel guides as exotic and heritage sites that had to be visited at least once in their lives, but today they are places unknown to many.

    Today we want to talk about some of these places of tourism in Syria, whose beauty has been taken away by the war.

    • Palmira: This historical complex is considered a World Heritage Site. Many ruins of past civilizations still stand there. Before 2011, it was a tourist destination that sparked worldwide interest and was part of travel agency packages. In 2015, the extremist group DAESH took the city for 10 months and destroyed three 1st century funerary towers, the Bel temple, the Bal Shamin shrine, and the Arc de Triomphe.
    • Apamea Roman Ruins: Even architectural wonders like this are in danger due to continuous attacks; for this reason, their forgetfulness is not only a concern for the decrease in the number of tourists who do not choose this country for its danger but also the risk that the ruins will be destroyed. They have already suffered various bombings since the beginning of the war.
    • Aleppo souks: Years ago they were traveled by thousands of tourists who discovered the art of Syrian marketing. Now, they are areas exposed to the horrors of war that are even avoided by the natives. Part of this souk suffered a fire in 2012 after an attack.
    • Abandoned Byzantine cities: Also known as dead cities, they were formerly a must-see destination in this country, but for years tourists have not wandered these streets where a unique civilization once walked. Furthermore, being so close to Aleppo they have suffered damage since the conflict broke out.
    • Roman Theater of Bosra: It was another of the most visited architectural monuments, but the Governments of many countries alert tourists that no part of the country is safe from bombardment. This affects not only the people who travel or live there but also the remains of our pioneer cultures. Bosra is a place with many historical architectural remains, and many of them have been destroyed by war.

    Tourism in Syria was a source of income before the outbreak of war in 2011.  The war has not only removed the safety of travel to this area, but many of its tourist attractions have disappeared. For this reason, the war in Syria not only has direct consequences on its population, such as the dead, the wounded, the destroyed houses, or the mass exodus, but it also indirectly affects the country’s economy and, in particular, in sectors like the tourist.

    Furthermore, the war is also a very hard blow to the Syrian culture. Since its inception, many archeologically valuable areas have been destroyed by shelling or outbreaks of violence, with the consequent loss of their cultural heritage.

    In this post, we have reviewed the most important areas of tourism in Syria before the war and which have now been forgotten.

    Red Borneo Strain Guide – Benefits, Side Effects, and Dosages

    Red Borneo Strain

    Introduction to Red Borneo Strain

    Red Borneo Strain is one of the most famous strains in the red strain Kratom category. It is believed to be very useful in relaxing body and mind. The impact of the strain is quite sophisticated and stays for many hours. The strain is produced on the island of Borneo. The strain is made using leaves that have red color veins in them.

    This Kratom plant variety is somewhat similar to a coffee plant. This Kratom strain is believed to have both an intoxicating and medicinal impact. The therapeutic effect of Kratom strains is not recognized as per FDA norms. Hence, the usage of Kratom strains for health purposes is not recommended.

    Benefits of Red Borneo Kratom strain

    Relaxation effect:

    Red Borneo Kratom strain is known as one of the most potent strains for relaxation. It helps in reducing stress, anxiety, depression, and Insomnia without causing any harmful side effects.

    Mood Enhancement:

    Red Borneo strain is rich in Corynoxine A and Corynoxine B. Both these alkaloids act as dopamine mediators. Dopamine is also known as a happy hormone. The release of dopamine reduces anxiety in the user and makes them feel joyful and relaxed.

    Analgesic effects:

    One of the most common reasons for using Kratom strains is their ability to reduce pain. The intensity of this effect varies from strain to strain.

    Red Borneo helps in reducing chronic pain that too, without lowering the energy levels. This makes Red Borneo a perfect choice for those who have scoliosis, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, or any other kind of body pain.

    The feeling of euphoria:

    Besides therapeutic and medicinal effects, the Red Borneo strain is also quite useful in creating a sense of euphoria among the users. Red Borneo strain induces the feeling of happiness and overall wellbeing in the users. The strain also has opiate-like properties without causing any harmful effect on users.

    Other effects:

    • Some other vital effects of this strain are:
    • Insomnia Relief
    • Reduces stress and anxiety
    • Reduces muscle tension
    • Boost confidence
    • Reduces hypertension.

    Side Effects:

    Red Borneo strain might cause some side effects. However, in most cases, these side effects are mild, which are generally caused due to an overdose of the strain.

    • Vomiting
    • Nausea
    • Dry mouth
    • Dizziness
    • Constipation
    • Light-headedness


    It is known to be a very potent strain when taken in the right dosage. The dosage pattern given below is only for information purposes. We do not recommend the consumption of the strain as the medicinal effects of this strain are not approved under FDA norms.

    Initial Dosage:

    Red Borneo leaf strain effects are highly potent. Hence, a small dosage would be more than sufficient. First-timers can take 1gm/serving. If the user does not feel any effect, they can add an extra .5gm of strain in the next dose. The gap between two doses should be around 30-60 minutes.

    Mild Dosage:

    1-2 gm of strain/ dosage is considered as a mild dose. However, the user can always adjust the dosage depending on their impact handling abilities.

    Moderate dosage:

    For veteran users, 2-4 grams of Red Borneo strain would be ideal. The impact of this dose is quite noticeable. The user might start feeling the effects within a few minutes of the consumption of the strain. This dose is quite effective in generating a feeling of euphoria, reducing pain, and even sedation.

    Strong dose:

    4-6 gm of Red Borneo/serving is quite a strong dose. It is only for experienced users.

    The level of impact of Kratom strain varies from individual to individual. Once the user has taken the dose, he/she should allow their body to adapt. A gap of half an hour to one hour should be maintained between two doses.

    Bottom line:

    Red Borneo leaf strain is quite famous among the users. Numerous vendors are available on the internet who deal with this strain. Be cautious while ordering the strain online. Select the vendor carefully. Check reviews and feedback before ordering the strain online.