National Coalition Of Syrian Revolution


We want to make sure that Syria has the right structure to ensure the freedom for the people in Syria.

Support Syria

If you can help the people who have lost their lives or are injured in the recent wars. Join our mission and help us rebuild a safer Syria.


    Assistance Coardination Units

    We strive to maximize the impact of assistance to help Syrian people lead a safer life.

    Syrian Local Councils

    The local council of Syria allows to take decisions to help ensure the safety of civilians.

    Health Authority Office

    In this civil war many people were injured but we are working towards getting them back to their health.

    Coalition Legal Office

    We can help provide legal aid to help ensure that the legal rights of the civilians are maintained.

    Coalition Press Office

    We try to provide the right news and information of what is happening around the land to ensure that information provided is reliable

    National Peace Council

    We aim to raise awareness about the non-violent strategies and how we can use peaceful ways to protest against them.

    Provide a helping hand

    We need support to help stand back on our feet, and a helping hand will help us grow.


    Our Commitments

    Our Plan

    Giving To Syria

    Together Against Terror

    Terror is an enemy to the world help us fight back with the everything we have.

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    What is entrepreneurship and what are its characteristics?

    Skills necessary to develop entrepreneurship

    Learn about the predominant characteristics of successful entrepreneurship and find out if you really have the profile of the entrepreneur.

    According to the dictionary, to undertake means: to resolve to practice something laborious and difficult; place in the development and/or execution; perform.

    This means that entering this universe is to take on challenges and explore the skills necessary to develop entrepreneurship, such as determination or a vision that goes beyond what is expected.

    Fourteen business tips to start your own business

    Start own business

    Starting a business is not just anything, it is a complicated process that comes with many surprises. We share tips so you can be more prepared.

    Starting your own business is quite an adventure. The beginning is always exciting and inspiring, but once all the work and the road ahead becomes tangible, it can be a bit daunting.

    Advice for women entrepreneurs who want to start a business

    Advice for women entrepreneurs

    Regardless of gender, all entrepreneurs should have the same access to both available resources and full support in order to more easily achieve the creation of their companies. But in practice, it is observed that there are fewer women who decide to set up their own company and finally end up doing it, and they also find more difficulties in starting up.

    Twelve small business ideas to start in 2022

    Small business ideas

    You want to set up a business, but you don’t know exactly which sector. There are 12 ideas to inspire you.

    Assist in digital business tax management

    Best business ideas

    The payment of taxes represents a headache for most entrepreneurs. Not only with regard to disbursement but also with regard to compliance with the deadlines according to the established schedule and their calculation. Any solution that facilitates this path could be well received, especially if the procedures are simplified as much as possible. An example is the Quaderno solution, a digital platform for managing digital business taxes that helps you issue invoices with the automatic calculation of VAT that you have to apply anywhere in the world. In addition, and as they themselves say, with all the tax information collected with Quaderno, the completion of the tax forms is a matter of minutes, not hours.

    Quality Homemade Food At Home

    You can either start the business on your own or sell the product to one of the thousands of ghost kitchens that already operate in Spain or offer it to any other restaurant establishment. The key to success is that it is healthy, rich and well-cooked food to be served at home with the same efficiency as fast food.

    A Hair Clinic

    In Spain alone, the hair clinic market moved the figure of 250M euros in 2020. It is true that the national offer is growing at a very fast pace, but there are still opportunities to open new clinics, especially if one takes into account the objective that the national sector has set itself to take the leading role of capillary tourism from Turkey. The market is huge if you take into account that around 50% of the population has hair loss problems and that a large part of this group is willing to pay for a solution. In addition, according to Google trends, one of the questions that we Spaniards asked search engines the most last year was: why does hair fall out?

    Online Training

    It is a segment that does not stop growing and does so in all specialties and for all ages, from reinforcement classes within regulated education to training for investors or embroidery. The challenge here is to gain the trust of the client who is aware of the presence of a lot of sellouts who are dedicated to teaching something that the teacher himself does not practice.

    Online Language Teaching

    The learning of a second language continues to be one of the eternal pending subjects of the Spanish, so any solution that helps to close this gap in a really effective way seems to have a guarantee of success. Solutions such as Lingokids or Wannalisn strive for this. And also teach Spanish online to foreigners.

    Privacy On The Network

    Users are increasingly annoyed by the fact that, after performing an Internet search, they are bombarded for days with advertisements related to that search. Now they want to control their data and any solution that guarantees their privacy and does not take advantage of them has a good chance of success. A success story is represented, for example, by Internxt, a Spanish startup that is preparing to send Google’s monopoly with a cloud file storage service focused on user privacy.

    And If You Exploit Their Data, Pay

    It is one of the proposals that gain more weight in the market. In it, companies like Kubikdata find their opportunity when they say they want to change the rules of the game of the online advertising market. To do this, they have designed an application that allows all interested parties to receive advertising and charge for their consumption.

    Support For Female Entrepreneurship

    Supporting women entrepreneurs has become fashionable. Not only because it is urgent to close a gap that leads to the waste of 50% of entrepreneurial talent, but also because it is one of the transversal axes contemplated by the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan of Spain. Consistent with this purpose, public institutions such as Anisa have opened a new line of financing aimed solely at promoting female digital entrepreneurship.

    Applications Of Emotional Well-Being

    Taking care of emotional health is nothing new, but the pandemic has triggered greater interest in monitoring mental balance and knowing how to manage moments of crisis. From this derives an increasing consumption of applications that help guide meditation or train in relaxation exercises. Brainscape is one of them where they promise to restore the natural balance of the brain to feel relaxed and revitalized anytime, anywhere. Among those preferred by entrepreneurs, Headspace also stands out, with hundreds of guided meditations, sleep sounds and music for concentration, among others.

    Of Course, The Metaverse

    By Metaverse we understand the virtualization of physical spaces of all kinds, from work offices to music concert halls. Following this trend, business proposals such as Musichooh appear, where they offer musical experiences at another level. But there are also brands that invest in providing metaverse experiences, like Nike and its blockchain-powered sneakers that users can run in as avatars.

    Consultancy In Regional Innovation

    One of the ways out for many SMEs in times of crisis is to refocus their businesses and develop new products. It makes sense to set up regional consultancies specialized in the design of new products (everything that has to do with industrial design, and market research) or international marketing that focuses on traditional businesses and sectors.

    Hyperlocal News

    It is one of the trends that has not yet reached Spanish journalism: local online journalism, carried out by professional journalists. In the United States, there are already different online media. Such as Patch.com, which is limited to seeking information on neighborhoods within districts or small towns. It is not a question here of providing information on international conflicts or news of global relevance. But rather of informing about nearby changes that directly affect citizens, such as, for example, informing about changing movement and mobility restrictions.

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    Best small business ideas to start in 2022

    Small business ideas

    Starting a small business is a great way to earn passive income. Also, if you plan well and work hard, there is always a chance that it will turn into a very profitable job. With the right tools and determination, even the smallest business can grow into a multi-million dollar empire. Of course, choosing the right small business idea is the first stepping stone to success. Discover below the small business ideas that we propose.

    Online Small Business Ideas

    From small investments to long-term strategies, we’ve put together a list of the most profitable small business ideas.

    Become A Blogger

    Best small business

    If you enjoy writing and sharing your passions, blogging can be one of the best small business ideas to start with. You can work from home, create content and earn money in the process.

    Many personalities, like Molly Yeh, began their careers by blogging. Today, she has two cookbooks and hosts a show on the Food Network called Girl Meets Farm.

    Having high website traffic is crucial to creating a bankable blog. Many companies see this as a great conversion potential, which will make them more likely to associate with you.

    With 100,000 page views per month, you can earn between $1,000 and $10,000.

    To ensure this, choose a blog idea that you are familiar with and that also has a large audience. This will help you build a large readership from the start.

    Then, make sure you blog on a regular basis to keep visitors interested. Learn about SEO and content marketing to increase your website’s visibility in search engines.

    Once you have a sizeable audience, you can earn money through ads, sponsored content, and affiliate links. Some bloggers also guest post on business blogs, make products, and create online courses.

    Start A Freelance Graphic Design Career

    If you have a knack for graphic design, it’s a good idea to turn your talent into a small full-time business.

    You’ll create visual elements for your clients’ projects, such as logos, mockups, social media content, and more. Some graphic designers also sell prints and items.

    Don’t forget to familiarize yourself with popular programs like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

    In addition, it is crucial to have good communication skills in order to turn your clients’ vision into reality.

    According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job market for graphic designers is increasingly competitive.

    With this in mind, creating a visually appealing portfolio is key to setting yourself apart. See how designer Alex Coven does it on his website.

    Offer Online Coaching Services

    Life coaching is an affordable small business idea to get started. All you need is a website, Internet access, and a passion for helping people.

    The task of a life coach is to help people achieve their personal and professional goals. That’s why counseling or social work experience can give you an edge.

    It’s also a good idea to obtain a license through programs like OPEC. Having a certification can justify your prices and services, giving you more reputation in the eyes of potential clients.

    Being an online business, you will not be limited by location to find customers. You can build a website to attract visitors from all over the world and offer to coach through one-on-one calls or video shows.

    Don’t forget to promote your services through digital ads and social media. You can also create a blog or a podcast to attract more traffic and share your experience as Christine Chen does.

    Become A Dating Consultant

    Dating consulting is one of the best small business ideas for those who love helping people find matches.

    You will work to help clients improve themselves so that they can have a better love life. The work will focus primarily on developing interpersonal skills, building trust, and preparing for the world of online dating.

    How you direct and sell your services depends on your preferences. If you want, you can put together a whole show on your website, like Cora Boyd. Ella Magnetics Love School course includes coaching sessions, workshops, a members-only resource portal, and much more.

    Work As A Translator

    For multilingual speakers and writers, offering translation services is a great business idea. Using the skills you already have, you can translate different types of content, including subtitles, text for the web, books, and more.

    You don’t have professional experience? Sign up for online translation classes and do your own test projects. Once you are confident, start this job as a side business. Platforms like ProZ and Translated are very popular among freelance translators.

    When you’re ready to go full-on, consider choosing a specialization to narrow your focus. It will make your task easier since you will be working with a niche that you are familiar with. Also, it can establish you as an expert in the field, which can increase your income.

    Give Private Lessons Online

    Online tutoring is an easy business to start at home and can be done part-time.

    Tutors typically help students from elementary to college level in their chosen subjects, such as math or history. In this case, it is not necessary to have a degree, but some relevant teaching experience is.

    Other tutors offer language or entrance exam preparation services. For this, it is essential to have an accredited certification that demonstrates your competence.

    If you want to get started, join sites like Chegg or Skooli. Both platforms already have their own user base, so finding students will be faster. You can teach through texts, video calls, live whiteboards, and much more.

    Offer SEO Services

    All website owners know that the results on the first page of Google are the most valuable. Unfortunately, only a small part of the companies know how to apply SEO to their sites, and they barely touch the potential of optimizing sites for search engines.

    Get started as an SEO expert to analyze websites, identify any ranking issues, and create a plan to increase organic traffic and SERP rankings.

    Typically, a specialist should have a thorough understanding of on-page, off-page, and technical SEO. So the skill set can range from HTML to keyword mapping to backlink building.

    With this in mind, consider taking courses to increase your knowledge before starting a business. Keeping up with changing trends and using the right SEO tools will also help a lot.

    Prices for freelance SEO specialists vary by region and experience. According to Ahrefs, the median rate is about $68 an hour.

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