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We want to make sure that Syria has the right structure to ensure the freedom for the people in Syria.

Support Syria

If you can help the people who have lost their lives or are injured in the recent wars. Join our mission and help us rebuild a safer Syria.


Assistance Coardination Units

We strive to maximize the impact of assistance to help Syrian people lead a safer life.

Syrian Local Councils

The local council of Syria allows to take decisions to help ensure the safety of civilians.

Health Authority Office

In this civil war many people were injured but we are working towards getting them back to their health.

Coalition Legal Office

We can help provide legal aid to help ensure that the legal rights of the civilians are maintained.

Coalition Press Office

We try to provide the right news and information of what is happening around the land to ensure that information provided is reliable

National Peace Council

We aim to raise awareness about the non-violent strategies and how we can use peaceful ways to protest against them.

Provide a helping hand

We need support to help stand back on our feet, and a helping hand will help us grow.


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Together Against Terror

Terror is an enemy to the world help us fight back with the everything we have.

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10 great series about politics and power

politics and power

We know that when it comes to politics, the reality is increasingly more than fiction, and to delve into corruption scandals, abuse of power, or international conspiracy theories we only have to watch the news. But these 10 series offer 10 different and exciting looks at the way the great spheres of power work.

Tourism in Syria: from beauty to destruction

Tourism in Syria

We have prepared this test that will allow you to test your knowledge about the Syrian War. What do you know about the causes of this conflict? How is the peace process being managed? What are the parties in conflict asking for? You answer the test ‘ How much do you know about the war in Syria? ‘and discover data that you were possibly unaware of the conflict.

The war in Syria has caused many places of tourism in this country to be forgotten and become almost abandoned places. Before, they appeared in travel guides as exotic and heritage sites that had to be visited at least once in their lives, but today they are places unknown to many.

Today we want to talk about some of these places of tourism in Syria, whose beauty has been taken away by the war.

  • Palmira: This historical complex is considered a World Heritage Site. Many ruins of past civilizations still stand there. Before 2011, it was a tourist destination that sparked worldwide interest and was part of travel agency packages. In 2015, the extremist group DAESH took the city for 10 months and destroyed three 1st century funerary towers, the Bel temple, the Bal Shamin shrine, and the Arc de Triomphe.
  • Apamea Roman Ruins: Even architectural wonders like this are in danger due to continuous attacks; for this reason, their forgetfulness is not only a concern for the decrease in the number of tourists who do not choose this country for its danger but also the risk that the ruins will be destroyed. They have already suffered various bombings since the beginning of the war.
  • Aleppo souks: Years ago they were traveled by thousands of tourists who discovered the art of Syrian marketing. Now, they are areas exposed to the horrors of war that are even avoided by the natives. Part of this souk suffered a fire in 2012 after an attack.
  • Abandoned Byzantine cities: Also known as dead cities, they were formerly a must-see destination in this country, but for years tourists have not wandered these streets where a unique civilization once walked. Furthermore, being so close to Aleppo they have suffered damage since the conflict broke out.
  • Roman Theater of Bosra: It was another of the most visited architectural monuments, but the Governments of many countries alert tourists that no part of the country is safe from bombardment. This affects not only the people who travel or live there but also the remains of our pioneer cultures. Bosra is a place with many historical architectural remains, and many of them have been destroyed by war.

Tourism in Syria was a source of income before the outbreak of war in 2011.  The war has not only removed the safety of travel to this area, but many of its tourist attractions have disappeared. For this reason, the war in Syria not only has direct consequences on its population, such as the dead, the wounded, the destroyed houses, or the mass exodus, but it also indirectly affects the country’s economy and, in particular, in sectors like the tourist.

Furthermore, the war is also a very hard blow to the Syrian culture. Since its inception, many archeologically valuable areas have been destroyed by shelling or outbreaks of violence, with the consequent loss of their cultural heritage.

In this post, we have reviewed the most important areas of tourism in Syria before the war and which have now been forgotten.

Red Borneo Strain Guide – Benefits, Side Effects, and Dosages

Red Borneo Strain

Introduction to Red Borneo Strain

Red Borneo Strain is one of the most famous strains in the red strain Kratom category. It is believed to be very useful in relaxing body and mind. The impact of the strain is quite sophisticated and stays for many hours. The strain is produced on the island of Borneo. The strain is made using leaves that have red color veins in them.

This Kratom plant variety is somewhat similar to a coffee plant. This Kratom strain is believed to have both an intoxicating and medicinal impact. The therapeutic effect of Kratom strains is not recognized as per FDA norms. Hence, the usage of Kratom strains for health purposes is not recommended.

Benefits of Red Borneo Kratom strain

Relaxation effect:

Red Borneo Kratom strain is known as one of the most potent strains for relaxation. It helps in reducing stress, anxiety, depression, and Insomnia without causing any harmful side effects.

Mood Enhancement:

Red Borneo strain is rich in Corynoxine A and Corynoxine B. Both these alkaloids act as dopamine mediators. Dopamine is also known as a happy hormone. The release of dopamine reduces anxiety in the user and makes them feel joyful and relaxed.

Analgesic effects:

One of the most common reasons for using Kratom strains is their ability to reduce pain. The intensity of this effect varies from strain to strain.

Red Borneo helps in reducing chronic pain that too, without lowering the energy levels. This makes Red Borneo a perfect choice for those who have scoliosis, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, or any other kind of body pain.

The feeling of euphoria:

Besides therapeutic and medicinal effects, the Red Borneo strain is also quite useful in creating a sense of euphoria among the users. Red Borneo strain induces the feeling of happiness and overall wellbeing in the users. The strain also has opiate-like properties without causing any harmful effect on users.

Other effects:

  • Some other vital effects of this strain are:
  • Insomnia Relief
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Reduces muscle tension
  • Boost confidence
  • Reduces hypertension.

Side Effects:

Red Borneo strain might cause some side effects. However, in most cases, these side effects are mild, which are generally caused due to an overdose of the strain.

  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Dry mouth
  • Dizziness
  • Constipation
  • Light-headedness


It is known to be a very potent strain when taken in the right dosage. The dosage pattern given below is only for information purposes. We do not recommend the consumption of the strain as the medicinal effects of this strain are not approved under FDA norms.

Initial Dosage:

Red Borneo leaf strain effects are highly potent. Hence, a small dosage would be more than sufficient. First-timers can take 1gm/serving. If the user does not feel any effect, they can add an extra .5gm of strain in the next dose. The gap between two doses should be around 30-60 minutes.

Mild Dosage:

1-2 gm of strain/ dosage is considered as a mild dose. However, the user can always adjust the dosage depending on their impact handling abilities.

Moderate dosage:

For veteran users, 2-4 grams of Red Borneo strain would be ideal. The impact of this dose is quite noticeable. The user might start feeling the effects within a few minutes of the consumption of the strain. This dose is quite effective in generating a feeling of euphoria, reducing pain, and even sedation.

Strong dose:

4-6 gm of Red Borneo/serving is quite a strong dose. It is only for experienced users.

The level of impact of Kratom strain varies from individual to individual. Once the user has taken the dose, he/she should allow their body to adapt. A gap of half an hour to one hour should be maintained between two doses.

Bottom line:

Red Borneo leaf strain is quite famous among the users. Numerous vendors are available on the internet who deal with this strain. Be cautious while ordering the strain online. Select the vendor carefully. Check reviews and feedback before ordering the strain online.

The Different Types of Car Covers to Protect Your Car

One car cover will not fit into your entire requirement. The car covers are made of different types of material such as polyester, polypropylene, ultra-soft satin, etc. These covers are designed to be used either for indoors or outdoors and depending upon the indicated use the warranty period for car covers varies from 3 years to lifetime. The car covers are designed to be resistant to water, snow, dust and or UV protection. Ideally, the car covers are fleeced to provide protection to the car surface, the material used should have a fleece lining and elastic hem can help in giving a proper fit to the car. Elastic hem or straps are important to provide protection against the wind, if the covers are blown away by the weather then there is no point in having one. Indoor car covers and outdoor car covers cannot be used vice-versa as the material and purpose of the use is different. Make sure, that you visit

Size of Car Covers:

When you intend to buy a car cover, vendors offer different sizes of car covers, universal fit, semi-custom fit and custom fit.

Universal fit: As the name says the size is designed considering an average car dimension. It is easily available in standard sizes, you can expect the cover to be little loose or too tight for the vehicle as it is designed considering a universal size.

Semi-custom fit: They are ordered depending upon your car size, the semi-custom fit will allow you to have minimal customizations.

Custom-fit: The cover is manufactured considering the car make, model and accessories. They are tailor-made for your car; hence need some time to get ready. There are many people who are very confused and do not know what to do. Many options are in the market and one of them is This is website which is known to deliver good quality and gives good value for money. Lots of people from a very long time are buying from here and that makes it a good choice. SO if you are one of them, you can refer your friends and relatives here so they get a good deal you cannot ask for anything.

Types of Car Covers:

The covers should ideally protect from wind, water, and moisture to help you maintain the car in good condition. The car covers will be either breathable or waterproof, there are many options which are there in this website, no matter what your need is, definitively something will be there for you. Incase you need some very good quality also they have al the bran present here, for more information make sure that you visit

Breathable Vehicle Covers: These car covers do not allow moisture deposition on the car surface. Water-resistant car covers are breathable. They trap moisture and evaporate it completely through air vents. They are considered better than waterproof cover as they are non-breathable and if water enters, there will not be easy exit resulting in rusts. Breathable covers prevent paint damage and rust.

Waterproof Vehicle Covers: They are not breathable and will not block moisture completely. The materials “waterproof” covers are made of are typically not breathable. Even if these covers include vents, they will not be as effective as water-resistant, breathable materials. No fabric or special top-coating will completely prevent water from getting through. We recommend choosing a water-resistant vehicle cover that will block moisture while still allowing breathability.

Buying Guide:

A little research on the brand and the product will help you ease selection and to determine the size and the type of cover you need. A car cover should ideally have the following accessories storage bag, antenna patch, cable, and lock. A manual will be of great help in installation. Depending upon your requirement and protection, select the most appropriate car cover. This car cover is known for its tough properties. It is made up of waterproof fabric which also has UV rays and scratches prevention properties. This cover is also known for protecting the car against bird droppings, dirt, and dust. This cover is known for its light weight properties hence making it easy to carry along. This cover has a six foot end cable and lock system which secures the cover during windy weather.   It is important, that you go in for quality and once you d that then things will be much easier. Make sure that you visit, and that is one of the best options in the market if you need car cover.

During windy weather, the front and rear straps ensures that the cover is command firmly on to the automotive. This cowl has reflective stripes to form the automotive visible at nighttime thereby preventing any accidents.

Guide to buying SARMs

When buying SARMs, it is essential to buy from a reputable vendor. That is because you will be guaranteed the best quality SARMs that will not have any negative impact on your life. Although it is clear that SARMs do not have adverse side effects, buying them from a reputable vendor can be a great thing. Many people find buying SARMs as the most challenging thing because they do not know the tips to consider when purchasing. There are several things that you should consider before buying that product from any seller. Therefore in this article, we are going to discuss some of the top tips for choosing the best SARMs seller. Without these tips, there are high chances of getting an unworthy SARM that might affect your health. The best SARM sellers know how to store the product well, will advise you on how to use, and also give you other essential information about them. Some of the tips for choosing a reputable SARM seller are;

Consider the licensing

Some very many chemists claim to sell quality SARMs on their stores. Some have online stores, while others have stores in different locations. Choosing the best chemist to buy SARM from all the available can be a very challenging thing. That is because all claim to sell the best. Therefore if you need to choose the best among them, it is essential to select the ones that are licensed. Consider licensing. A license is issued to the seller after having met all the requirements by the law. Therefore unworthy sellers do not have operating permission, and that means they do not meet the minimum requirements to serve the people. Ensure the seller is given an operating license from the relevant authority before buying SARM from the shop.


The cost of the SARM is another thing that can help you determine if you are buying it from a genuine seller. Different sellers sell their products at different prices. When knowing an honest seller, the price is paramount. Avoid the sellers who sell the SARM at a very low or high price. That is an indication that the product is not genuine, or the quality is not the best. Quality SARMs cost a moderate amount since the manufacturing process requires some essential ingredients which are either bought locally or imported. Hence avoid the sellers who charge exorbitant and low prices to avoid low quality or being frauded by the sellers.


The seller reviews is another essential thing to consider when buying a SARM from any shop. The reviews are crucial because they help you to know the effectiveness of the product before you buy it. The reviews are from various people who have bought similar products and used them. Therefore review can help you to know if the SARM has any side effects before buying. Also, ensure the reports you are reading are from genuine users. That is because several sellers or companies pay users to write positive reviews about their products. Here ensure the review contains at least one negative part of the product. That will help you to differentiate between fake and honest reviews.


When buying drugs, it is essential to consider the general cleanliness of the store. The drug stores should be immaculate since the medicines require to be stored in a clean place. Some drugs can be affected by things such as dust, moisture, and many more. Therefore they need a unique way of storing them. Ensure the seller maintains a high level of hygiene so that the drug can be safe for use. Check the manufacturing and expiry date before buying to avoid buying toxic drugs.


When choosing a chemist or SARM seller, it is essential to consider the seller availability. That is because some sellers cannot be traced after the deal. Such sellers are aware of the effects of the drugs that they sell, and therefore they disappear to avoid being caught. When one buys a product from such sellers, there are high chances of suffering from adverse effects from the drug since it does not meet the standards. Therefore before purchasing the medication, ensure the seller is almost available all the time. Check things such as actual mobile numbers, websites, social media pages, and much more so that you can trace the seller quickly.


Before buying SARM from any dealer or company, ensure the seller is insured. An insured seller is guaranteed security in case of anything. Although insurance does not guarantee one quality SARM, it is essential to consider it so that you can differentiate between the best sellers and the others. People who do not insure their product can suffer more loses in case of any damage. Ensure a good insurance company fully protects the seller.

Services quality

Customer services are the essential thing to consider when buying a SARM either from a local shop or from an online dealer. The quality of the services can be determined by the way the seller treats you. For instance, the seller should give you clear guidance on how to use the SARM. Also, the seller can elaborate more about the product details, when not to use it, and essential information about it.

Other essential things to consider before buying SARM from any shop are such as the brand, variety, the seller qualification, and much more. That will help you to choose the best SARM seller. By considering all the discussed tips, you will select the best and enjoy the benefits of quality SARMs.

A Guide to Fat Burner supplements

While you keep training harder towards a lean physique and a long-lasting resolution, you may want some assistance to push the body to working even harder. It is important to eat a healthy and balanced diet with right nutrition as it will help in boosting your fitness. But you may sometimes choose another means to push the body a little further. People in this case prefer to use pre-workout supplements but they come in different kinds. If you need to burn as you improve your workouts, then fat burners like Phen375 can be a suitable choice.

What are fat burners?

As they primarily have a target on the metabolism, fat burners also aim to decrease the quantity of fat which is absorbed by your body to speed up weight loss. They are not exactly like the pre-workout supplements but they may be included in them. Pre-workout has an aim of improving your ability of performing during exercise. Fat burners precisely aim on metabolism to boost the ability of your body to target fat, particularly when combined with exercise.

It is good to note that the use of fat burners may sometimes not really be effective in helping you lose fat unless you do it right. In this article, we are going to guide you on the steps of how you can make fat burners work more effectively in your body.

What are the different types of fat burners?

  • Thermogenic – These type of fat burners aim at heat production in cells. They particularly target the thermogenic fat cells.
  • Stimulant-free – These are the types of fat burner supplements which have a target of boosting metabolism without having to use caffeine. The caffeine ingredient can make some people to crash after using high energy levels. Others may not really like the effect of caffeine on their body. Stimulant-free fat burners do not stimulate the levels of energy. They target to boost the rates of metabolism, and usually work to improve thermogenesis.
  • Appetite suppressants – They are made to diminish or suppress your appetite. During the process of taking them, you will begin to avoid overeating or snacking. Most of the appetite suppressants contain caffeine as it is common for suppressing appetites while boosting energy levels.
  • Carb blockers – They are a type supplements that hinder the full digestion of carbs in the body. They block the enzymes from getting to the carbs. Because there is no absorption or full digestion of the carbs, they move along the intestines without giving sugar or calories to your body.

How to boost the effectiveness of fat burners

  • Getting on track – Fat burners will not be effective if you lack training and have a poor nutrition. It is true that they will help in making you have an easier journey but if you want to really benefit, it is important to get into track with a fitness program that is well-designed. You should also ensure that your diet is locked. Fat burning supplements will not work properly in controlling cravings or imaginary hunger feelings if you are constantly exposing yourself to the cravings.
  • Eating enough protein – You have to take enough protein to help you in losing more body fat. Taking protein will help in maintaining the lean muscle mass. A lot of fat burners target to decrease your appetite. As you take them, they can make you lower the intake of calories. If you do not take enough protein, they you may start to lose the muscle mass. It is not all weight that is body fat so you should ensure high intake of protein to maintain the physique-forming muscles.
  • Timing – You have to take the fat burners on strategic times since they suppress the appetite and provide you with energy. If you want to raise your amount of energy and do some exercise, you can take the stimulant fat burner before you begin the exercise or training. For the appetite-suppressing supplement, you can take it at a time when you most feel hungry, about 30 minutes before having a meal.
  • Drinking up – Fat burners elevate metabolism in your body. This is the reason why when you take them, you can find yourself sweating more. The stimulants such as caffeine may also have the diuretic effect and you will find yourself consistently visiting the washroom. Such conditions may lead you to dehydrated and have slowed metabolism. It is good to drink about 3 to 4 quarts of cold water every day and this will help in ensuring that you are hydrated. It will also help in boosting metabolism and increase the amount of fat loss. For the individuals who constantly do a lot of exercise in hot environments, they have to double the intake of water.
  • Cycling your fat burner – With time, your body can become desensitized to certain ingredients. This is what really occurs when it comes to the fat burner supplements. A lot of people will increase the intake of the supplements to continue getting the weight-loss results. However, this may not work. High use of caffeine or any other similar ingredients may increase the cortisol levels, particularly under stress of dieting. Cortisol is an unwanted hormone which breaks down muscles and causes storage of fat. Apart from this, your body may start responding by slowing down the natural process of metabolism and this will lead to burning of fewer calories. If you want to avoid all this, you have to cycle the supplement.

Why choose infant care service providers?

Taking care of a baby has never been a simple task. That is because there are very many things that one is required to do. Many single mothers/fathers have a difficult time when trying to manage the work-life balance. Taking care of the kid requires a lot of time. Therefore to the many mothers and fathers who are very busy and yet their babies need attention. Infant care services can help you a lot. The infant care service providers will help you to care for your kid and ensure healthy upbringing. Also, if you need the infant care subsidy, the infant care services provider is willing to help you out. That is because their mission is to ensure your child gets all the necessary care and support. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the services that infant care provider can offer to you. Some of the services include:

  • Baby subsidy application

The infant care providers are committed to ensuring your child gets the best care and support even if you are working on a tight budget. That is made possible through the help of the baby subsidy. Infant subsidy is money set aside by the government to support childcare programs. Therefore if you are a single mother or father working on a tight budget, the infant care service providers will help you apply for the subsidy to cater for your child. They will help you provide all the necessary information. Hence you do not need to worry about the money for childcare and support.

  • Reliable infant transport.

Another important service that is offered by the infant care service providers is a reliable infant transport. We all understand transporting an infant is not an easy thing, especially on vehicles. That is because you are needed to have all the requirements to ensure the safety of the child is maximum during transportation. You may need individual seats meant for an infant in your vehicle to transport the child quickly. Therefore we understand you may be located far always from the daycare center and there is a need to provide a reliable infant transport. The infant service providers have a secure means of transportation for your baby where you are guaranteed safety.

  • Have excellent meals

The meals that you give to your baby are essential. That is because for healthy child development, the meals that the baby is fed play a very vital role. The baby needs foods with various minerals. Remember your baby’s essential body part are developing. For instance, infant meals should contain some minerals such as calcium for healthy bones and teeth development. Therefore the infant care service providers offer the best meals to your child. They have a vast knowledge of the best meals for various baby stages. Thus you do not need to worry about the food given to the child because your kid is with the right person.

  • Provide special curriculum

Providing your infant with the best curriculum is among the key things that a baby needs for sound development. Choosing the best infant care service provider helps in equipping your child with the best skills. Some of the skills that can be enhanced through specialized infant curriculum are such as cognitive, language skills, social, emotional skills, and many more. Therefore since the child needs some particular curriculum for best development skills, the infant care provider will help you deliver such curriculum effectively. For instance, the curriculum should enable the child to learn how to speak, the signs, and other essential things.

  • Daily infant report

Another essential service provided by infant care providers is the daily report. The daily report is vital because it helps the parent to know the progress of the child. Some of the information provided on the infant report are such as the progress report, learning progress, language skills, speaking response, and much more essential information about the kid’s progress. Therefore the infant care provider will offer you with the report that you could have noted if you have stayed with the kid.

  • Excellent environment

A child should be provided with necessary care support in a conducive environment. That is because the setting for bringing up the child is essential. The child learns the things that are mostly done in that environment. For instance, if the situation has many so many things dealing with automotive equipment, the child will develop an interest in those things around the environment. Hence the infant care providers have a unique environment that allows the children to earn essential things quickly. The child will master all the necessary elements that are being taught.

  • All-time monitoring

The infant requires frequent monitoring because they may require assistance. Remember the kid cannot be able to tell precisely what he/she needs at a particular time. Therefore the infant care providers offer all-time monitoring to the kid to ensure the child is comfortable. Some of the standard assistance that they provide care such as feeding, changing the baby clothes, and many more essential tasks. That is all possible because the infant care providers are there for your children every time.

Therefore having considered the above services that the infant care service providers can offer to your kid, definitely it is clear that they provide the best care and support to your child. You no longer need to stay with your child and miss some crucial business meeting or attending to other chores. Make a step of consulting a reliable care provider, and the rest will be catered.

Ten Facts About The Syrian Civil War

Civil War Syrian


In the year 2011, the Syrian government, which was led by President Bashar al-Assad, turned the peaceful protest made by civilians against wrongful imprisonment and torture into a mass massacre. Apart from murdering hundreds of innocent civilians, he arrested many protestors as well.



Agitated with the violence unleashed by the President on the citizens, many of the military defectors along with a lot of civilians formed the famous Free-Syrian Army. The ultimate goal of the organization is to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad.


The shrewd President encouraged extremists to join the peaceful protest. He even freed imprisoned jihadistto add fire to the rebellion. Bashar al-Assad did this with an ulterior motive to make the rally look violent so that the protestors will not receive any aid from the foreign countries.


The Sunni majority tends to support the rebels while the majority of the Shia population tends to support the President. In the year 2012, Iran came to the aid of the President by providing cargo and supply officers. In response to this treacherous act of Iran, countries like Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Jordan offered help to the rebels.


With time this infamous war became a proxy war between global powers. The United Nations, under the Presidency of the respected President Obama, lend its hand to the rebels via offering CIA training to the protesters. On the other hand, Russia showed it’s an alliance to the President of Syria.



The United States’ efforts were highly criticized and called cunning because they were training the Syrian protesters to fight against the ISIS. This has a dual reason for it. Firstly, they viewed the threat of ISIS bigger than the inhumane behaviour of President Bashar al-Assad. Secondly, the US gave this generous helping hand to Syria to eradicate their biggest enemy instead of the Free-Syrian Army.


The situation in Syria took a turn for the worst when President Bashar al-Assad started using chemical weapons against innocent civilians of the country. The act of applying such chemical weapons was denied by both the President himself and his army, but the human rights watch had fortunately documented the horrifying incidents so that the world is in the know of what is happening to the helpless people of Syria.


The commission formulated by the United Nations, through its inquiry, found evidence to prove that the ISIS, Syrian Government and the Rebel forces have committed crimes of a high degree including rape, torture, murder and enforced disappearances.

Civil War


The long seven years into the Syrian civil war, half a million Syrians lost their lives, more than a million were left injured, and an astounding number of twelve million citizens were displaced.

FACT #10

The civil war has led to another political crisis due to the mass exodus of Syrian refugees to foreign countries, creating chaos and confusion. Even though charity organizations all over the world are trying to help the Syrian civilians, their condition has not changed much.