Basic qualities that a political leader must have

Basic qualities that a political leader

In addition to the motivation of the servant leaders, (mentioned above) and a good and solid professional preparation. The basic and essential qualities, from the psychological perspective. Every political leader should have those of an authentic leader.


This means that political leaders must be aware of both their strengths and their areas for improvement. Be aware of how their actions affect both the public as a whole and their work team. This will also mean that political leaders are very aware of who they collaborate with and their teams. We have recently heard some politicians defending themselves against accusations stating that they did not know or were not aware of who they were actually collaborating with.

Balanced information processing

This means that a true leader must take into account opinions and perspectives different from his own when making a decision. Since a political leader cannot know everything, he must surround himself with a good team that gives him an objective view of the facts to make better decisions. The balanced processing of information also assumes that political leaders can self-manage their emotions and thinking, which implies the ability not to bias decisions for reasons of self-defense, self-exaltation, or partial vision.

Inauthentic leaders tend to look for inferior opponents and avoid situations that can invalidate their views. However, authentic leaders actively seek opinions contrary to their own. In this way, have a more global and objective view of the situation. All of this should be trained in political leaders.

Ethical behavior

Decision-making based on ethical values can also be trained. All decisions made by political leaders must always be at the service of the citizenry and never for their own benefit or that of small power groups. This is one of the aspects in which some political leaders sin, as some cases suggest. It would also be important, according to our teacher, “To receive training in saying” no “In the face of pressure to give in to the interests of the most powerful.”

“The firm and real motivation of wanting to serve are essential, this does not mean that a political leader does not have motivations for growth and personal prosperity, it is normal as in any person, but never putting collective interests first.”

Relational transparency

Political leaders must be honest and recognize their mistakes and failures, without hiding them either actively or passively, and modeling this behavior of relational transparency in employees. Sounds great right?

As the general elections are about to be held in the US, we find a society that is not very satisfied with the candidates. The survey data indicate this and our teacher reaffirms it. “The grade that our politicians get is not good and those who approve, do it by the hair.”

Political leadership

Without any intention of personalizing and based on the daily news, a large part of our political leaders should develop, on the one hand, relational transparency. On the other, use one of the basic mechanisms of influence of authentic leadership: positive emotional contagion that is, influencing citizens through positive emotions and affections such as happiness, satisfaction, and self-efficacy, in the face of fear, shame, or anger”. Of course, this does not mean that negative aspects are ignored, but that the way to motivate voters is by transmitting a positive and real vision.

Along the same lines, he adds another aspect that every political leader should work on at a deeper level. It is the management and self-regulation of all cognitive (and emotional) biases due to their powerful repercussions on the decisions and actions taken and adopted.

Keys to authentic political leadership

They say that you cannot be a leader if you are not a good person, so a bad person cannot become a leader? We should not confuse being a leader with occupying leadership positions or power. Not all the people who occupy these positions are authentic leaders.

The key to authentic political leadership is ethics and the true desire to serve society and benefit.

Therefore, the characteristics that a leader must possess to stand out from others are:

  • Good ethics.
  • Genuine service attitude.

Having been trained to be an authentic political leader. Something that, to date, very few candidates have done.

In fact, for the teacher, authentic leadership is essential. That is why it is developed and promoted in our students of the official master in management and people management.

Other issues come to mind when we talk about elections. For example, do people vote more for the candidate than for the party? Why? Because of his charisma? Because of his character?

In short, are they good leaders are our candidates? Personally, our teacher does not know any of them, so he does not have real criteria to know if they are indeed good leaders, but he considers that all have something to improve.

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Basic qualities that a political leader must have

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