Top ten business tips for entrepreneurship

Tips for entrepreneurship

The world of entrepreneurship is an unusual and unique adventure to develop that business idea that you have sought so much for so long. It is not an easy task! But its results can be very rewarding in terms not only of your professional development but also of your person.

In this blog, we tell you about 10 excellent tips for entrepreneurs that you can take into account if you decide to make the leap into this great world, let’s get started!

Start fast

This is not about jumping headfirst off a bridge without a parachute, but about being active and fully committed to your business idea. Explore, and analyze your environment, opportunities, and threats! Take advantage of all your available resources and take advantage of your weaknesses. The idea here is that the pace of progress is not so important, as not getting stuck.

Don’t Move Just For Money

Guide for entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs must have a vision of achieving things beyond money. Why do you want to do what you intend to do? Who do you want to impact? Where do you want to go? These are key questions that must be answered, in order to build a solid philosophy and principles that allow us to face adversity while maintaining focus. It is clear that you need money to live well and meet basic needs, but if it is the only thing that matters, you are destined to suffer frustrations and worse, your business loses its essence. This very interesting article from Forbes Mexico talks more about an incipient concept, the emotional salary

Separate Your Finances From Your Business

This is very important! Everything that your business generates does not translate into your personal earnings. If you spend everything your business generates, how do you expect it to grow? And worse yet, how do you deal with unforeseen expenses and crises if there’s no money in an emergency fund? You would risk the future of your company. Establish a fixed, modest salary and learn to live by it. Consider that your business is a place where you can reinvest, like a plant, and if you stop watering, it falls apart.

Fail, But Fast

What timely words! Levine is currently engaged in parallel reading around the world. His most important teaching, in his words, is: “if you accept failure as part of the journey, then you are going to say ok, I am going to try other things, some will work, others will not, but the best way to succeed is by failing. , but quickly. If I fail fast, I have time for something else and something else. So failing fast is critical.”

Become a Leader

Being a “boss” is really outdated. Your collaborators should not just follow orders, even if they disagree with them. They must want to follow them. A good leader does not give orders but becomes a role model for his collaborators. If you are able to develop good leadership, there will be greater motivation in people, with which there will be an increase in productivity. With a good leader, everything is an advantage! There is not just one type of leader, everyone has their own style. We invite you to learn more in our blog Types of Leadership in Entrepreneurship

Listen to Your Customers

Do we need to tell you this? Don’t we know that the most important thing in a transaction is the customer? If you pay proper attention to your customers, they will somehow be able to tell you what they are looking for and this is a very important and super useful source of feedback from which you can iterate, offer them what they are looking for, and improve your products. services and processes, making you more efficient.

Delegate, But Stay In Charge Of Your Business

We know that taking on a large amount of work not only affects your physical and mental state but can also be detrimental to your productivity. Fortunately, the solution is very simple: delegate.

Now, this does not mean having a hands-off approach and forgetting about your business! It is important to delegate as a tool from which you can focus on your priority tasks and leave tasks that can be efficient in the hands of experts. Also, it is useless to delegate if you are going to be supervising the person. They’re there because you trust them, right?

Be Honest And Generous

The business world can be very harsh and cruel, but this does not mean that you are going to let a negative situation shape your being and break your ethical principles. If you don’t usually lie and treat people badly in your daily life, you shouldn’t do it in your business either. It is not for less, generosity is an entrepreneurial strategy, as this article from Forbes Mexico says.

Learn From Mistakes

This advice is related to that of our Israeli friend Uri Levine. What happens is that every entrepreneur begins his journey strongly linked to his project to make it a reality (as is obvious) and along the way mistakes, falls, failures and disappointments arise. It is important to see things also from an objective point of view and to know when something is simply not working. It’s a challenge! It’s like your son, it has to work…right? Sure, but sometimes your strategy may not be the best. What we recommend is that you always analyze the situation with measurable facts to determine if what you are doing is the best.

Don’t Give Up, Pursue Your Goal!

Can’t find financing at your bank? Go to another. Did your partner betray you or left you hanging? Cast your contacts to collaborate with you. What you should always keep in mind are 3 questions: the why, the what for, and the how of what you want to achieve. Most of the problems that are presented to you have a solution! So always keep your focus and strive to overcome all obstacles

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Top ten business tips for entrepreneurship

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