Press Release

In response to the adoption of UN Security Council resolution 2268 on the cessation of hostilities in Syria, the Special Representative of the Syrian National Coalition to the United Nations, Dr. Najib Ghadbian, said:

The position of the High Negotiations Committee on the adoption of Security Council resolution 2268 is clear. The Syrian opposition supports all efforts to protect civilians in Syria, enforce Security Council resolution 2254 and to achieve a political solution, including through the establishment of a transitional governing body forged on the basis of mutual consent that leaves no role for Assad and his clique, as required by the Geneva Communique of June 2012. But the effectiveness of today’s resolution will be proved through action, not words.

“To succeed, the cessation of hostilities agreed today must be rigorously monitored, verified and enforced by a third party.  The Russian government, which has been responsible for over 1,500 civilian deaths in Syria and the indiscriminate bombing of hospitals and schools, cannot be trusted to monitor or verify its own war crimes.  An international mechanism must be put in place that includes: a specified timeframe defining the beginning and end of the truce; procedures for enforcing compliance; and a mandated neutral party responsible to oversee the implementation of the truce by all parties and report and identify violators. The consequences for violations must be clear and meaningful, and the parties responsible for violations must be held accountable.”