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How to start a political career? Tips for Success

To be a politician in times when many countries have a breakdown of political parties. You have to have a lot of money, generally, they are those who can have access to finance a campaign, who undertake a job for a political future, however, there are other spaces where a person can be trained as […]

The Role of A Personal Injury Lawyer in Settling Down a Case

Injury may be sustained during automobile accidents, birth, at construction sites, and work-related accidents. The injuries may be major or minor involving large or small amounts of medical expenses either for the long term or short term. A personal injury lawyer is well aware of the prevailing laws related to these types of accidents, and are […]

Ten Facts About The Syrian Civil War

FACT #1 In the year 2011, the Syrian government, which was led by President Bashar al-Assad, turned the peaceful protest made by civilians against wrongful imprisonment and torture into a mass massacre. Apart from murdering hundreds of innocent civilians, he arrested many protestors as well. FACT #2 Agitated with the violence unleashed by the President […]