How to get involved in local politics?

You might have a passion for politics, a genuine interest in how your community works, or maybe you just don’t like the way it’s being run. However you got involved in local politics, there are many ways to get started- from attending rallies to running for office yourself. There are different types of political involvement […]

How to become a politician? Here’s what to do to start a career in the field

Are you curious to find out how to become a politician? Having a political career is the dream of many college students who are passionate about this field. It is undoubtedly a fascinating profession, for many experienced more as a “vocation,” which requires great sacrifice and listening skills. In this guide, we will explain how […]

Basic qualities that a political leader must have

In addition to the motivation of the servant leaders, (mentioned above) and a good and solid professional preparation. The basic and essential qualities, from the psychological perspective. Every political leader should have those of an authentic leader. Self-awareness This means that political leaders must be aware of both their strengths and their areas for improvement. […]