Business ideas that require little money and are profitable

Example of business ideas

According to Anisa’s latest GEM 2020-2021 report, the entrepreneurial initiative rate in Spain has decreased slightly, going from 7.4% in 2019 to 6.8% in 2020, a much lower decrease than that observed in most countries. Thus, Spain continues to be above the world average despite the crisis.

There are many entrepreneurs who spend their lives thinking of a disruptive idea with great projection, however, sometimes the simplest projects are the most profitable.

Nursery For Plants

What to do with your plants if you have to travel for several months? What if you move to a house without an outside patio? If you too have ever become attached to a plant companion, you will understand the concern that abandoning her can generate.

The love of caretakers for their planters, just like the love many people have for their pets, has given rise to a market need: plant nurseries.

This is a good example of business ideas that do not exist in Spain, or that are rare. However, more and more florists and nurseries are committed to providing their customers with these services, for example, Verdify.

Business Network Against Food Waste

The idea of ​​creating a sustainable business model that directly puts the relocation of food before overproduction and waste is the main corporate strategy of companies like Too good to go.

It is about creating a network of shops that avoid throwing out perishable products outside their best-before date while recovering part of their value by discounting the product and notifying the consumer to save a pack of food, so everyone wins.

Coffee And Breakfast Delivery For Offices

In every office, there are 2 things that are never lacking: rushing and coffee. Now that hybrid work is all the rage, teams don’t always meet in the same places, or on the same days. Therefore, not all offices have a kitchen or coffee maker. Is there anything worse than starting work without your daily dose of caffeine?

Aware of this, in the United States, delivery services specializing in coffee and office breakfasts are becoming more and more frequent. Of course, it could be a good idea to start now.

What makes this idea a great business is that it does not need a physical establishment to operate, and can even operate through a network of cafeterias with web orders. Ghost coffee shops like Goffee are in charge of collecting the product and taking it directly to the workspace.

Services For Bachelorette Parties

An entire business ecosystem has been generated around weddings, in fact, every wedding is accompanied by a large wedding cake, as well as sweet table services or specialized catering for these ceremonies, but little is said about bachelorette parties, a sector yet to be exploited that drives business models such as La Pollería.

They Take Care Of Your Car For You

Giveaway time is a recent business idea that is worth undertaking. Some companies offer their customers “manpower” to do what they don’t want or don’t feel like doing.

An example of this is Cafler, “the Glovo of the automotive sector”, a platform of drivers and professionals who are in charge of doing for you all the steps that your vehicle needs, from a wash or inspection to passing the ITV.

Item Rental Shop

With the same objective as the initiatives that prevent food waste, through a membership service you can borrow objects and items that you need in a timely manner to avoid unnecessary purchases.

Under this mission, Grover offers an alternative to traditional shopping with the intention of generating a positive impact on the environment through the reuse and rental of objects located in categories such as technology, furniture, and transportation.

Silver Economy

In Europe in 2060, one in three inhabitants will be over 65 years of age. A trend caused by the increase in life expectancy and the inversion of the demographic pyramid.

The forms of consumption, therefore, will change, and the elderly will become the engine of the so-called silver economy.

Examples of this are startups such as   Viejenials, a company that is committed to alternative aging through modern dance aimed at people over 50 years of age, or Sasoibide, two-hour walks through nature to combat the loneliness of older people.

If you want to have a profitable business model in the coming years, now is the time to start thinking about what the grandparents of tomorrow will be interested in.

Consulting For Freelancers And SMEs

In recent years, the idea of ​​deepening and maximizing the digitization of the consulting process for companies has become stronger than ever. It is about offering SMEs and self-employed management and consulting services that redirect their business profitability.

For example, one of the annual tasks of all freelancers and SMEs is the income statement, in this sense, startups such as Taxdown offer digital and simple alternatives to the traditional model, with the addition of guaranteeing the review by tax experts as well as maximum savings.

Mobility Students

Learning languages ​​is one of the main reasons that can lead you to live outside your country. Before this was more difficult and you had to face many complications, however now there are companies willing to help students from all over the world to facilitate and improve their mobility experience.

Creating platforms aimed at nomadic students is the mission of companies like YouTOOProject. Marta Caparrós came up with this business idea a few years ago when she herself moved to Australia to learn English.

With YouTOOProject, mobility students can control and satisfactorily solve all the possible inconveniences that arise during their stay in new countries or cities.

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Business ideas that require little money and are profitable

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