How to become a politician? Here’s what to do to start a career in the field

Are you curious to find out how to become a politician? Having a political career is the dream of many college students who are passionate about this field. It is undoubtedly a fascinating profession, for many experienced more as a “vocation,” which requires great sacrifice and listening skills. In this guide, we will explain how […]

Basic qualities that a political leader must have

In addition to the motivation of the servant leaders, (mentioned above) and a good and solid professional preparation. The basic and essential qualities, from the psychological perspective. Every political leader should have those of an authentic leader. Self-awareness This means that political leaders must be aware of both their strengths and their areas for improvement. […]

How to start a political career? Tips for Success

To be a politician in times when many countries have a breakdown of political parties. You have to have a lot of money, generally, they are those who can have access to finance a campaign, who undertake a job for a political future, however, there are other spaces where a person can be trained as […]