5 Reasons to Study Politics

Study Politics

Politics is like the Force from Star Wars: it’s everywhere. From the moment we wake up until the end of the day, all our actions have, in some way, something to do with politics. From using a cell phone to consuming food and needing a public service such as water or electricity, there is a decision or a political act behind all this.

By definition, politics is conceived as the “science that deals with the issues that revolve around the government and the forms of organization of human societies.” So, for everyone, it would be necessary to know about politics. However many do not. The question that skeptics always ask is why is it important to know about politics? Here are 5 reasons to study politics.

5 Reasons to Study Politics

 1. We live in States

Human beings owe themselves to states and governments. We are all connected to the structure of a state. This state, composed, among other elements, by a government, takes care of everything. From managing the land, we live on to start a war with our neighbor. Everything we see around us has some relationship, direct or indirect, with the state. Therefore, citizens need to know what the state and government are doing. Understanding a state’s priorities with its citizens will make us more aware, more inclusive, and responsible. We cannot be indifferent to what happens around us. Therefore, to be interested in politics is to be interested in our immediate surroundings.

2.  So that they do NOT decide for you

If you spend all your time complaining about the country’s bad situation but do not get involved in the debate, you are letting them decide for you. If you don’t watch the news, if you don’t read the newspapers, if you’re not interested in what happens in politics, you’re letting the majority decision for you at some point. Politics is too important to be left to politicians. It is very necessary to know, discuss, propose, and differ. Only through your interest will you ensure that the decisions that are made are not in your absence.

3.  Long live the homeland?

There is a big difference between politicians and politicians. This is not an Ecuadorian phenomenon. Around the world, we are seeing how a handful of politicians ignore the voices of society, make fun of the laws, and seek their own benefit at the expense of everything that may happen in their countries. The citizen has, in these scenarios, limited possibilities of action. However, clever people are not fooled. Entire societies in countries smaller than ours have been able to curb the ambitions of politicians and successfully fight for the propagation of values ​​such as honesty and seriousness in politics. But where did they start? To interest citizens in important issues. If you want to “make a homeland”, you should start by taking an interest in what happens around politics.

4.  To VOTE and not BOUNCE

2021 is an electoral year in our country. Like any other before and after. What is different is that it is the first election year during a global pandemic. The decisions we make as voters will have a long-term impact. I always ask myself: what is more dangerous: a person with a weapon ready to attack or a person who votes by obligation and without knowing for whom? The problem in our country does not necessarily lie with bad politicians. What we have are bad voters, and that is what should be changed. Only if we have interested voters can we make 2021 the year zero, the year where politics begins anew. Interest in politics is the best tool to vote and not “bounce.”

5.  Against the way

As long as we keep pushing ourselves against each other to get home faster, we won’t progress as a society. We must be aware that the easy way is not always the right one. Politics has complex issues, brief episodes, characters that we will never be able to understand. However, if we show a certain sense of “civil value” we can change our perspective towards what is happening in the country and the world. And that courage begins with debating, learning, analyzing, and expressing our thoughts about politics. When I decided to study political science, it was not to become a politician but to explore my political being and develop a political analyst. Every time I see the “one-way” poster, I understand that it was the right decision.

You have to unlearn what you have learned to move forward as observers of the essential world of politics.

5 Reasons to Study Politics

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