10 great series about politics and power

politics and power

We know that when it comes to politics, the reality is increasingly more than fiction, and to delve into corruption scandals, abuse of power, or international conspiracy theories we only have to watch the news. But these 10 series offer 10 different and exciting looks at the way the great spheres of power work.

House of Cards

The history of the House of Cards focuses on the arrogant, analytical, and convenient Congressman Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) and his twisted strategies he uses to reach the presidency of the United States. Next to him is his impeccable, even more, ambitious and heartless wife Claire (the perfect Robin Wright): a woman determined to achieve that their aspirations are perfectly fulfilled, and who does not mind stepping over anyone as long as getting your mission. In an unconventional relationship, Frank and Claire Underwood are two Machiavellian characters who practically everything goes well, without conflicts or dilemmas. An impeccable series until the last season, in which, due to the departure of Kevin Spacey due to complaints of sexual harassment, the conflicts were resolved in an accelerated and forced manner, there were unfinished turns and the ending left more questions than answers. However, it is still a necessary x-ray of how power works today.


If when there is a crisis in the government you have thought about how stressful it can be to be in that position, this series can give you an idea. Scandal is based in part on the life of Judy Smith, George W Bush’s press officer and co-executive producer of the series. Olivia Pope, star of the series played by Kerry Washington, was the first black character to star in a US television drama in more than 40 years. Pope’s loyalty and ambition, as well as her style and elegance, made her one of the favorite characters on recent TV. The series’ mix between political news, melodrama, and comedy was extremely compelling.

Wild district

If gringo politics is full of intrigues and lies, the Colombian is not far behind. Wild District , Netflix’s first 100% Colombian production, is a series that well sums up the news of recent decades in Colombia: armed conflict, corruption, reinserted people, and forced recruitment. Its protagonist is Jhon Jeiver Trujillo, alias ‘Yei Yei’, a reinserted from the guerrilla who now assumes the role of infiltrator for the government. A look at current Colombia through an exciting history with very good performances. The second season was released in 2019, and it is not yet known if there will be a third.


It is a mockumentary-style comedy or mockumentary (see The Office, Parks, and Recreation) that recounts the life of the Vice President of the United States, Selina Meyer (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), and her team. Before continuing I will ask you a key question: do you know what the vice president of a country does? Us neither. What’s more: Selina Meyer, the main character of the series, doesn’t know either. So this series is more about a group of people trying to influence the politics of the world’s first power. And ending up making complimentary appearances at rodeos and cowboy shows. What would it be like to come to power by accident? Unfortunately, the national and international contexts are showing it to us. But in this series, Julia Louis Dreyfus appears! And she has already had several Emmys for her performance.

The Politician

It is created by Ryan Murphy ( Glee, Pose, and other hits). So we already have an idea of ​​what we will find in this youth comedy full of politics and ambition. Payton Hobart (played masterfully by Ben Platt) is a young man (somewhat sociopathic, to be honest) who has always wanted to be president. And every one of his life’s decisions has been geared toward that purpose. His first step is the student body presidency and he takes it very seriously. In the style of the unforgettable 1999 film Election, starring Reese Witherspoon. A political satire wrapped in a teenage series perfect for marathons.

The Crown

The series follows the life of Queen Elizabeth II since her wedding in 1947. Of course, rivalries and political tensions cannot be absent at the time of the decline of the British Empire and a complete restructuring of world geopolitics. We see a tremendous Winston Churchill, played by John Lithgow. Since the death of Princess Diana in 1997, the British monarchy has gained wide attention among the public. This coupled with a very good script, an excellent production design makes this series one of the favorites of many today. It’s great for remembering some key historical events and their impact today.

Commander in Chief

It happened first in fiction than in reality: a woman in the presidency of the United States. The great Geena Davis plays Mackenzie Allen, who rises to the world’s top job after the then-president suffered a stroke. Davis won a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a TV Series Drama for a flawless role. Commander in Chief started strong with audiences and critics but was canceled after 1 season and 18 episodes. Without a doubt an unforgettable character if we talk about the roles of strong and powerful women.

The West Wing

There was a time when public servants had in mind, first and foremost, the good of society. Everyone, without exception, and regardless of their partisan convictions. This series is from that time, which tells the imaginary presidency of Josiah Bartlet (1999-2006). Bartlet was a former governor of New Hampshire who had already received a Nobel Prize in economics before he became president. His advisers included Rhodes Fellows, Harvard attorneys who decided to abandon their very lucrative careers to follow this inveterate dreamer, and, of course, CJ Cregg – the greatest communications chief of all time. The appeal of The West Wing falls 80% on Aaron Sorkin. The screenwriter who gave the world The Social Network, Miss Sloane, and Danny Boyle’s great Steve Jobs.

Designated Survivor

After a terrorist attack that affects the United States government. Tom Kirkman (Kiefer Sutherland), a not very important official, assumes the role of president. Sutherland plays a different role than we get used to in 24. Playing a low-key man who must face opponents who think he’s not ready for the responsibility he has. Although Kirkman wants to “do things right”. It will not be so easy for him to show that he has what to govern with. After being canceled after 2 seasons on American television. Netflix saved the series with a third, which is now available on the platform.

Secret city

This series begins with Harriet, a journalist who discovers a crime that is suspicious to her. And when she investigates, ends up getting involved in an international political conspiracy. As Harriet uncovers more details, the series becomes more engaging. A political thriller that many have called “the Australian House of Cards”, which although it seems that it does not have much in common with our countries, the appeal of conspiracy theories and power in geopolitics is universal. Although it was initially going to be a miniseries, had a successful second season.

10 great series about politics and power

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