Giving to Syria

The humanitarian crisis in Syria is dire and overwhelming. 40% of Syria’s population is in immediate need of lifesaving care: food, clean water, shelter, or medical assistance. You may wonder what one person can do to help in the face of such tragedy. The Syrian diaspora has come together in many ways, small and large, to provide relief to their compatriots. We hope you will join us by giving to Syria through one of these or other worthy organizations.

Join our campaign for humanitarian and medical relief in Syria. Over the last two years, we have been delivering aid to the most desperate areas in Syria. 100% of your donation will support humanitarian relief projects inside Syria, such as supplying families with basic necessities, stocking field hospitals with medical supplies & supporting Syrian refugees.


The Syrian American Medical Society has many ongoing campaigns to save Syrian lives, including sponsorship of doctors and clinics, polio vaccination, dental care and trauma counseling